Walkability training in Pokhara

By Amiita Thapa Magar

Clean Energy Nepal (CEN) and Clean Air Network Nepal (CANN) in coordination with LI BIRD (Local Initiatives for Biodiversity Research and Development) have produced another set of Walkability Ambassadors in Pokhara. Around fifteen volunteers consisting of students, youths and Pokhara Sub Metropolitan City personnel attended the Walkability training held in LI BIRD office Pokhara on 21 Sep 2011.

The training provided the attendees with an overview on air quality management challenges in Nepal particularly in cities and the detailed methodology on how to perform the walkability survey. Ms. Anjila Manandhar discussed about the air quality scenario and options for emission reduction in Nepal. Ms. Amita Thapa Magar detailed the methodology on each of the survey component namely the pedestrian interview survey, field wallkability survey and the government/stakeholders survey.

The Walkability Ambassadors are deployed in five areas; commercial, residential, educational, public transport and Lake side area. They are currently undertaking the surveys in Pokhara. The survey consists of three components namely Pedestrian Interview Survey, Field Survey and Stakeholders Survey.
Interview surveys will assess pedestrian’s preference in improving pedestrian infrastructures (road conditions) and also document their opinion on safety and security. Field survey forms will examine road stretches around the city that includes availability of walking paths, motorist behaviour, amenities, obstructions, security from crime among others.

The overarching goal of the walkability project is to improve pedestrian’s safety and mobility and promote walking as a sustainable mode of transport.

Presentation on the methodology

Piloting of the Pedestrian Interview survey


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